Call off the Search Party!

No need to panic, you can call off the search party! Im here!! 🎉

I know i'm a little late with this weeks email. But I have a good reason, it's been absolute chaos since we we're given the new 'lockdown date' of Friday at 6pm. 🙈 We have worked every hour that we could to try and squeeze you all in! and we survived, maybe just - I do feel half alive today! 😂

I have something important to talk to you about today, its how you can become a local hero - and its really easy...

A lot of local businesses have once again been asked to close, ourselves included. And i'm sure that most are willing to do what they have to do if it will make a difference. However, there are a lot of businesses that just will not survive this happening again, there are a lot the only just survived the last lockdown and the comeback since has been slow because a lot of customers are still to scared to visit these local stores! This unfortunately has an impact on these small family businesses. 😢 The government is providing some 'help' but it is a one size fits all, which it really doesn't. This 'help' will very rarely cover even the basic bills and rent. So we need your help, all of us! 🙏 With Christmas coming up, when you are searching for that perfect gift for your loved ones - consider buying locally. There are so many small businesses that have adapted to this new way of living. Now providing online shopping, click & collect and also local delivery. Have a look around, I KNOW you will find exactly what you are looking for! Wether its a Gift Voucher (check out our 24 days of Christmas!! View on Facebook and our website - starts 1st of December) or a small (or large 😜) gift! ❤️ And your help will make a small business owner do an actual happy dance! 💃 Remember all the raffle & Charity donations you have needed over the years? The local businesses are always happy to help, where the bigger companies don't. They also remember the little things about you, or even just recognise and smile at you when they pass you in the street. This is something that makes a difference, its true customer service and theres a chance it could be lost forever! 💞 If you do this, you will be a hero - at least in the eyes of every small business owner that you help! 👑 Anyway, enough of my rambling - Im sure you get the idea 😜 On another subject, Ive been working with a new Business coach who's asked me to change up the way I send my emails, Id love to know what you think of this new way? Either comment below or send me a wee email back! 😘 Until Next week (ill try not be late, its not like i've got anything else on 😜) Jo X

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