Your Priorities

A Little something I've been thinking about lately...

The first question the majority of potential clients ask me is "How much?" Which obviously Is a very valid question because a premium service isn't going to be free. However, why is it the price alone what decides it for you? What about looking at it slightly differently....

Theres a reason you've contacted me, nobody sends a message or looks in to it just for the sake of it. Something is making you unhappy, whether its you feel as if you're 'fat', you feel unhealthy, you are constantly tired, you want to look better in clothes, you may also have an event or holiday coming up that you want to look 👌🔥 for. But majority of the reasons are things that bother you all year round, not just the summer! ☀️

A fat loss tea! REALLY?!!

So if you are honest with yourself, you KNOW these quick fixes, shakes, teas, pills, fad diets, slimming clubs, are NOT going to work (good knows what there doing to your insides too!) Or at least, won't last! So why keep trying to convince yourself they will? You know in order to loose weight you have to make some sacrifices, you have to exercise your butt

off, you have to say no to the occasional night out (my clients will tell you I NEVER ask anyone to give up their social life, I infact teach you how to lose weight while socialising! But every weekend drinking and eating everything isn't going to work!) and you have to pay attention to what you are eating. But It pays off, big style 👌 And you want have to live your life on a 'diet', or yo-yoing or 'falling off the wagon (what wagon?!! 😕)

So another wee point to think about...

Average costs of a 'night out' 💃

Hair & make up £45

Drinks £60-70

Taxi's £30

Outfit £50

Takeaway on the way home £10 🙊

Average cost of a 'night in' 🍷

Takeaway £30-40

Bottle of wine £10

Munchies £20

They both add up, especially when your doing it every week. But answer this, do you ever question the cost? And how often do you regret it the next day, and start your next diet on "Monday'?

Just something to think about, I know I have been 😘

By the way, my costs are £200 for a block of 6 or £300 for a block of 10. Also train with a friend for no extra cost (why not split the price?💡)