About Me

After having my little girl I (like most women) hated the way I looked. I struggled to find childcare so I could workout and by time my partner came home was to exhausted to do anything never mind train. When my little girl turned 1 she was old enough to attend the local Creche within the Gym. This was great but limited my time to 10-12 but it worked for me at the time.

I realised that working out was more than just making yourself look good - It was about FEELING good too! The endorphins realised totally lift your mood, take away any stress you feel and genuinely make you feel better! It was that feeling that made me want to become a personal trainer, I wanted other women (and men!) to know exactly how good exercise is for your mind and body!

I have spent over a year training with BODYCORE to become a certified personal trainer! I also decided to qualify in Kettlebells and Pre & Post Natal exercise!

The struggle of finding childcare (the creche gets full so easily now!) and the overwhelming feeling a lot of women feel going to the gym has led me to decide to focus on training ladies from their homes. Its also good to get the kids involved, no matter the age! Setting a good example for them, growing up watching you take care of yourself - and hopefully help to beat childhood obesity levels! I am still on my fitness ‘journey’ and hope to help anyone on their ‘journeys!’ If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask :) Thanks, Jo X

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