This Months  Deluxe Package

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|| let us take you away this August! ||


Immerse yourself into this tropical paradise and forget about all your worries and stress!


With a take on our first every Monthly Mindful Moment - this August we are taking you away on a Hawaiian trip, or at least we're making it feel that way! 



You will enjoy a revitalising back scrub using a delightful coconut & mint scrub to remove all dead skin and tightness! In a room surrounded by tropical scents and sounds! 


This will then be removed with hot towels and a luscious tropical foam wash, Cleansing you of all your sins 


And finally, all every knot, ache and tight muscles will be deeply relaxed while the beautiful scent of zesty coconut oil deeply nourishes and restores your skin to its glowing, supple and smooth best! 

Book through button below. Only available in August.