A letter to my clients

On Monday morning I had to make the horrible decision to close my salon to do my part to beat Covid-19 and help our NHS staff. Although on Monday evening this choice was then taken from me anyway I want to stress to you how hard it was for me to call, and how hard it continues to be for me. I feel as though I’m having to give up on my business baby - which is not something I take lightly. As you know I am a very determined person, I don’t let much bother me or take me down (take my broken arm for example) but unfortunately for the time being we will need to press pause.

As a small business this is something that could be detrimental, but I am determined to not let it be (i’m a stubborn bugger!) The government have promised to help small businesses and those that are self employed - while I am optimistic that they follow through with this, I am also very aware that our Government tend to have a lot of ts&cs that could make it very hard to be entitled to anything. So while the salon is officially closed, the work behind the scenes will not be stopping. I am going to use this time to work ON my business, working on projects that have been on my ‘list’ for a while now but that I’ve not had time to do! But like many others, I have all the time in the world now! So lots of exciting things coming, and will be ready for us reopening when this is all over with!

I will also be continuing to email clients with our weekly stories and will be very much active on facebook (if your own facebook please join us @sheisbeautysalon) with a lot planned for that including ‘how to videos’! You will be sick of the sight of me by time this is over. We also have vouchers available to buy online, including our ‘Pay it Forward’ campaign. These vouchers have been designed to pass onto someone who is working for the NHS, in supermarkets or in pharmacies - as these will be the people that we will be relying on the most for the coming weeks. These can be given personally to someone you know or can be put on ‘standby’ for us to give out. Its time for us to be grateful to those that are helping.

During this time I would like to do as much as possible to help you. So is there anything in particular you would like to hear from me? Anything you would like to learn how to do? or see from me? or maybe even a bit of mindset? Please do let me know and I will do my best to help!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of you support for the last (almost) 3 years, I really wouldn’t be in the position I am if it wasn’t for every single one of you. Whether you are a regular client, visited once, or are a summer/Christmas clients - I am truly grateful for all of you. I can’t wait to use this time to repay you and to come back stronger than ever and make you all proud to be one of our clients! I will miss so much catching up on your lives, hearing your stories and sharing laughs. Although my days won’t be the same just now I am going to take advantage of the extra time I will have to spend with Chloe & of course Craig! And I’m sure we will all have plenty of stories to share when we are sat back in the salon at the end of this.

Remember, the comeback is always greater than the set back! We have got this! We are all ‘She is Beauty’ and we will come out of this stronger than ever with a whole new lease on life! And we will grab every opportunity that is placed in our way with both hands! Take the positives from every situation and use this as a time to ‘reset’

Love to you all, Jo - Proud owner of She is Beauty X