The Secret to Healthy Nails

Do You Want The secret to healthy natural nails? 💅

Here are some top tips! 👇

If you want to hear more let me know!

▫️ Always clean using gloves - The chemicals in cleaning products break down your nails causing delamination (peeling of the nail plate) and other problems 😭

▪️ Make sure and use Cuticle oil! - Cuticle oil locks moisture in your nails keeping them flexible and less likely to break! Massaging the oil in also increases nail growth! 💅 ( Fully recommend NAF Stuff!)

▫️Do not peel Gel Polish off!!! - I can't stress this tip enough, peeling off Gel Polish severely damages the nail plate 😫 If you need a 'how to' on removal let me know!

▪️ Stay hydrated! 💧 - weak brittle nails can be a sign that your body is dehydrated! Drink up! 😜

▫️ Keep em' short! - while they are on the weaker side, keep them filed nice and short, this will prevent bending, snapping, and unnecessary damage! ⛔️

▪️ Tidy Cuticles - when your fresh out the bath/shower, this is the best time to tidy your cuticles! Lightly push them back using a cuticle pusher, orange stick, or the back of another nail. Doing this when they are soft and wet prevents you pushing to hard and damaging the nail plate! 💅

Until next time, Jo X