Working from home giving you more aches than you think?

Working from home was such a novelty for a lot of people at the start of the pandemic, "Ohh ill not get stuck in traffic" "I can stick a wash on between meetings" "ill already be home as soon as I am finished" But over 2 years later and its taking its toll on your body.

A lot of us are using make shift desks, or worse - working from the sofa. And spending the day hunched over these DIY office spaces is becoming detrimental to our posture! Keep reading for some top tips to give your body a little extra care and attention.

Struggling with aches and pains? Or excessive headaches and migraines? Why not book an appointment for a massage, whether it be Full body, back or Indian Head Massage. Let us get rid of your stress and tension - leaving you feeling pain free, relaxed and refreshed.

Invest in an ergonomic chair

Being hunched over a desk long term will be causing you serious problems. We have no idea how long we will be 'working from home' so It is for your own benefit, worthwhile investing in a good quality ergonomic chair. These are designed to best support the human body for posture, comfort and support.

Use a desktop or laptop stand

The use of a laptop involves a lot of looking down at your screen. This can result in not only bad posture, but neck tension also. Making you more prone too migraines. It's important to have your screen at as close to eye level as possible. So if you are unable to use a desktop I would recommend getting a laptop stand and attaching a mouse and keyboard to it.

Don't work from your sofa or bed

As tempting as it is, working from your sofa and/or bed can result in your body sitting in awkward positions for a long time. Causing aches and pains, and generally making your body feel a lot older than it actually is. Try working from a desk or kitchen counter as these as typically higher up. (working at that eye level again!) Pair this with an ergonomic chair and this will do wonders for your posture.

Keep your feet flat on the ground

The ideal working condition is sitting on a chair with your knees bent at 90˚ and your feet flat on the floor. Don't cross your legs as this is bad for the circulation in your legs.

Get your back in line

As often as possible, straighten your back. Picture a line going from your ears, to your shoulders, to your hips. Pulling your belly button into your back. You can also practice this while standing, just continue the line from your hips, to your knees to your feet. Practicing something as simple as this can dramatically improve your posture and pain levels.

Get regular massage

Massage is no longer seen as a luxury treatment. It is a necessity for your own sanity. Not only will massage improve your aches and pains, it will also remove any stress and tension from your body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed - like you are floating away. It has the healing power of touch after all!

Give some of these a try and let me know how you get on!

Until next time, Jo


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